We are fortunate to have Christina Turner teaching agility (and rally!) at Our Gang on Thursday nights! She has also been offering some workshops in dog sports for beginner and not-so-beginner handlers, and is available for private lessons related to dog sports.

Christina has been training and competing with her dogs for 10 years. She started in competition agility, and eventually went on to compete in Obedience and Rally as well. She has numerous agility, rally, and obedience titles on her dogs. She is also a World Cynosport Rally Level 1 Judge, and hopes to become an AKC Agility Judge.

For the past 5 years, Christina has worked in dog daycare and training and has learned to understand dog body language as well as managing group play. She has worked with some fabulous trainers who have broken down behavior and really fine tuned Christina’s agility training skills. Christina believes in positive, reward based training and values having a solid relationship between dog and handler. “If you and your dog are not having fun, something is going wrong!” is her motto.

Here’s what our students have to say about Christina!

Christina is an excellent dog handler and trainer. She absolutely loves her work and her dogs. Most importantly she knows how to share her knowledge and enthusiasm with her students and their dogs. She is patient with the dogs and her clients and is able to teach the entire class and still give each trainer individual attention.

Darla loves coming to class and she has tried them all from Rally to Obedience to Impulse Control but she really enjoys Agility and is always fulfilled after training. 
Michele and I really enjoy watching her progress, which has been remarkable. Get out and Train. See you at the next class.” – Rich
“We think the classes are great and Geillis gives it a high-five!  Christina is very easy to work with.  She recognizes your faults and strengths and helps you work through them.  Geillis gets very excited when we get her stuff together before we go for a class.  She knows where she’s going.  It amazes us when you get to class and there is a new layout that all the dogs take to very quickly.  Christina has a very good sense when a dog might be unsure of doing something and is quick to help the dog through being scared.” – Sharon  ​
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Stay tuned for more classes and workshops with Christina!
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