With so many course choices, you might be wondering, “how do I know which class to take?”  Here is some info to help you decide which class is appropriate based on your dog’s age, prior class experience, and your training goals.

“I just got a new puppy…”

Our 6 week Puppy Kindergarten class is the perfect choice.  In this 6 week session we will teach you how to navigate through common issues such as house training, chewing, biting, proper use of the crate, how to socialize your puppy, etc.  Taking this class is a great first step to socializing your puppy in a positive, structured way to people and other dogs, and to preventing problematic issues such as fearfulness and aggression.  This class is for puppies ages 2-6 months.  If you’re puppy will be 5 1/2 months by the start date of Puppy K, we suggest enrolling in our Basic Manners course.

“I just adopted an adult dog and he/she isn’t trained!”

For dogs and people that have never attended a group class together, our Basic Manners class is just what you need to get started building a foundation of skills.  Taking a class with your newly adopted dog is a great way to start building a relationship together, while also working on important skills.

“My dog already has basic skills, what’s next?”

If your dog already has a good foundation of basic manners and you are looking to advance your skills, we suggest either our Canine Companions class or Canine Good Citizen Prep class.  These are both intermediate level classes where you will learn how to add distance, duration, and distraction to your dog’s skills.

“I am interested in doing therapy work with my dog, how can I prepare?”

Doing therapy work with your dog is extremely rewarding.  What a great way to enrich the lives of others!  Dogs that do therapy work need to be very comfortable with, and enjoy the company of strangers. In addition, handlers need to enjoy interacting with a wide variety of people.  Dogs also need to have excellent manners, and be confident to handle a wide range of situations that arise in therapeutic settings. In order to prepare for therapy evaluations and therapy settings, we suggest taking a progression of courses to build your dog’s skills.  We offer a Pet Therapy Prep class.  Students who take this course should have completed at least one Basic Manners and one intermediate course such as Canine Companions or Canine Good Citizen Prep.

“I’ve taken obedience classes but want to try something different..”

If you’ve taken obedience classes but want to try something fun and different, we have a lot of course options for you and your pet! Beginner Agility, Introduction to Rally Obedience, SHAPE! fitness class, Tricks class, and Scent Work are just a few of the great classes we have that will exercise your dog’s body and mind, while having a good time!

“I want my dog to socialize with other dogs..”

We offer group ‘socials’ which are one-hour off leash play sessions for your dog.  During the socials, we narrate the play and answer your questions so you can learn more about canine body language, what normal play is, when to intervene, and when to let dogs be dogs.  We also offer a day training program 3 days a week; our day training program focuses on basic manners skill training, individual and group walks, and play groups.

“My dog isn’t comfortable around other dogs and/or other people…”

Our Gang can help you with your dog even if your dog isn’t comfortable in a group class setting.  We provide private lessons and behavior consultation services to help you work on your dog’s skills.  Some dogs do best in one:one training situations. Some dogs can progress to a group situation after working on skills in private lessons.

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Rick Updegrove
May 23, 2017 10:11 am

A friend recommended you. We have a 1 yr old Rottie about 100 lbs. Lovable maybe too lovable.. Jumps on people all the time. Doesn’t listen. Head strong. Leash pulls so bad even I can’t walk him. Actually brought home a puppy sister for him as a play companion. We know he has another yr before he gets out of the puppy stage and will be better but not sure we can handle that…sadly.

Hi Rick, I sent you a response to your message that came to our business Facebook page…

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