Jayne McQuillen has been involved in dog training since 1997, thanks to a very bad dog, who thrived with training for dog sports. Since then, Jayne has titled 10 wildly different dogs in flyball and agility. Jayne also spent 8 years involved in Australian Shepherd Rescue and 10 years running her own rescue for Aussies and an assortment of high drive dog breeds. Aside from training foster dogs and her own dogs, Jayne has been actively involved in teaching classes in agility, flyball, and basic manners as well as private consultations for behavioral issues. She has a special interest in teaching humans how to communicate better, and more efficiently, with their dogs. Jayne especially loves the sport of flyball and is the head trainer for the Skidmarkz Flyball Club. The club currently has a best time of 15.360 seconds, but they are just as proud of their best time as they are of their slowest dog! Jayne is especially proud of training many unlikely dogs to do the sport of flyball, whether they were shy, fearful, reactive, or gonzo hyper! Jayne is always seeking more info on how to improve training and to get the most out of any dog. Whether that dog is going to do dog sports or just be a beloved companion, making their training fun, simple and easily understandable is her ultimate goal.


Current dogs:

(Australian Shepherd) “Nikki” aka Protege’s Naughty Nikki TFFC, FGDCH-40K, MBM, OA, AXJ, OCC, OJC, OAC, TN-E, WV-E.

(Whippet/Border Collie mix) “Sway” aka OT’s Persuasion, TFE-III, FMX.

(Whippet/Border Collie mix) “Ping” aka Itza Echo Request, TFE-III, FMX.

(Papillon mix) “Crucial” aka Itza Absolute Must, FD.

Previous dogs:
Betty was a rescued Rat Terrier x Mini Aussie 2009-2017 FMX, MBDCH, TF-III, OA, AXJ, OAC, TG-O, TN-N, WV-N
Bridget was a rescued Rat Terrier 2003-2013 FGDCH, MBM, TFE-II, EAC, NCC, O-EJC, S-TN-E, TG-N, WV-E, HP-O
Jester was a 2nd hand Border Collie x Jack Russell Terrier 2001-2014- FDGCH – 80K, MBM, TFP-I, IRONDOG, EAC, NCC, EJC, O-TN-E, TG-E, WV-O, HP-N
Ruby was a rescue Australian Shepherd 1998-2007 FGDCH-50K, MBDCH-G, TF-III, NAC
Zoe was a Australian Cattle Dog x English Shepherd 1996-2013 CGC, HTD1sg, RTDc, FGDCH-40K, MBDCH-G, Iron Dog, TF-II, NAC, OAC, NCC, NJC, OJC, TN-N, TG-N, TG-O, WV-N
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