Vaccine Policy
Proof of vaccinations for parvo and distemper are required for puppies and dogs to attend group class or socials. Proof of rabies vaccination is required for adult dogs.  Vaccine info must be provided during orientation for class or during first class in order for dog to participate – no exceptions.

Missed Classes Policy

We do not offer individual make-up sessions for missed classes.  While we understand that ‘life happens’ and you may need to miss a class because something comes up, we do not offer individual make-up’s.  We can send you a recap of the lesson via e-mail, and in some cases, a video link to a lesson. In some cases, there is a concurrent session of the same class running and it may be possible to do a make-up in another session.

Aggression Policy
Our Gang reserves the right to dismiss a dog from any training class, activity, or event due to aggressive behavior towards humans or dogs.  Dogs that are dismissed due to unsafe or aggressive behavior may not return to class until cleared by instructor.  Credit for classes missed/not attended due to behavior can be applied towards behavior consultation and modification lessons.

Refund Policy

We do not issue refunds after the first class of a group session.  A credit may be given towards another class, private lesson or behavior consultation service.  Please understand that we make every effort to keep our class sizes capped at 6 students so that each student can get feedback during class; when you commit to a class, we are reserving a spot for you.  We cannot fill that spot after class has already started. We do not issue refunds for ‘no-shows’ to behavior appointments and private lessons.

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