Welcome, new puppy parents! As you consider which of our training options to take, please read our article about the importance of a well-run Puppy Kindergarten class.

Puppy Kindergarten
Let us start you off on the right paw with your new pup! In this 6 week course, your pup will not only get a foundation on basic behaviors such as sit, down, coming when called, and loose leash walking, but you will learn how to deal with common issues such as house training, play biting, and chewing. Additional topics such as appropriate exercise, proper use of a crate, and socialization will be covered throughout the course. Off-leash, indoor play sessions will also be integrated into each week of class. Puppies ages 8 weeks – 6 months are welcome. Puppies must have received at least one set of puppy vaccines one week prior to start of class session.
6 week session for $200

Puppy Social
One-hour play session for puppies ages 8 weeks to 6 months; all breeds. Better than a dog park! Why? Because it is supervised by an instructor, dogs are of known vaccination history, puppies are grouped according to age, size, and play style, and owners are present monitoring play and learning to read canine body language with the aid of instructor. Learn what appropriate play looks like, when to intervene and when not to intervene. Your pup will increase his social skills while learning important skills such as reading body language, how to engage play appropriately, and developing bite inhibition. And you’ll be sure to return home with a tired puppy!
This is a drop-in class; $20 per session.

**Pre-registration by e-mail or phone before attending and proof of puppy vaccinations are required.

Positive Paws Day Training Program
Our day training program is excellent for puppies!  We work on and reinforce many of the skills taught in our Puppy Kindergarten curriculum. In addition, your puppy will get to socialize with other puppies and adult dogs.  We will also work on leash manners and socialization with your puppy as walks are also included in our day training program.  Your puppy won’t be bored home alone – he’ll be building the necessary skills to become a well adjusted adult dog, in our program!

Important information for puppy owners
We recommend reading this article regarding the importance of puppy socialization in a class environment and vaccination protocols, as well as doing your own research and talking with your veterinarian.

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