Animal sheltering and rescue work are a passion of mine!  Prior to opening my own training facility I worked in animal sheltering/rescue.  I get many requests to assist shelters and rescues with the dogs in their care and/or in foster homes. I love working with shelters and rescues and helping you to help your animals find their forever homes! I have 20+ years of experience working in animal shelters and rescues (both private and municipal agencies) and have worked with cats and dogs from a wide variety of backgrounds, including neglect and cruelty cases.  I know that resources are often limited for rescues and shelters. Our Gang Pet Services offers a variety of services for shelters and rescues. Some of these services are FREE and others are reduced in cost.  Please have your rescue coordinator or shelter manager contact me to arrange for services. Below is a summary of some of the services we offer.

Training Workshops:
Training workshop at Our Gang Pet Services for your staff/volunteers geared towards topics selected by your organization. The workshop will focus on a topic related to training, fostering, placing dogs for adoption, etc.

Some sample topics for workshops include but are not limited to:

  • training your foster animals to help them prepare for home life
  • training to help your foster animals prepare for adoption events
  • enrichment ideas for dogs in shelters (cats, too!)
  • basic training that can be easily implemented by staff/shelter volunteers as they handle animals daily
  • selecting animals for adoption events and presenting them in best light
  • writing bios and use of social media to promote adoptions
  • reducing stress and unwanted behaviors in shelters

Behavior Consultation/Modification
1.5 hour behavior consultation session for a FOSTER or SHELTER animal at a reduced cost. We offer a discount for a FOSTER or SHELTER animal to be seen at Our Gang with the foster parent/caretaker. This is for dogs with significant behavior issues: excessive mouthiness, nippiness, house soiling, resource guarding, reactivity (barking/lunging at people/dogs), fearfulness, aggression towards humans or other animals. Goal is to provide training suggestions to reduce unwanted behavior using positive reinforcement and humane training methods.

General Manners/Basic Obedience
One hour private lesson at discounted cost for basic manners with foster parent/caretaker and dog at our training school. General manners include coming when called (recall), sit, down, loose leash walking, stay, wait, go to spot. This is for shelter dogs or dog in rescue/foster.

Group Class – Rescue/Shelter/Foster Only
If your rescue group or shelter can arrange a group to attend, we can arrange a basic manners class for multiple foster parents/volunteers to work with dogs in a group setting, at our training school. This group class would be for dogs who are people/dog social only. This is to help dogs work on basic manners in a group setting with distractions. For shelter dogs, this can be a great experience – an outing, plus training!

Basic Obedience Group Class – Training Spot
On occasion, I have room available in a group class. If there is room in a Basic Obedience class, and you have a rescue/foster dog who is people and dog social but needs to work on basic manners, a rescue/shelter/foster dog can have a FREE spot. Staff/volunteer/foster parent must be able to make the majority of classes in a 6 week session.

Health and Behavior Policy
Shelter/rescue animals attending our training building for private or group lessons must be current on parvo, distemper, and if over 6 months, rabies vaccinations. Proof of vaccinations must be provided prior to start of class. Dogs must be clear of any contagious diseases. Dogs have to have been in current rescue/shelter/foster home for a minimum of 2 weeks and with no sign of illness. Dogs must be social towards dogs/people to attend group class. Dogs with bite histories may not attend group class, but can be worked with in private sessions.

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