Andrea Kilkenny has been an animal lover since she was a child. Over the last two decades, she has shared her home with cats and dogs. In addition, foster dogs and foster cats have come to live with Andrea and her own personal pets, gaining basic training, social skills, and/or physically healing from illness or injury.

She entered the animal welfare field as a shelter volunteer in 1996, eventually leaving a teaching career and becoming employed full time at a municipal Animal Control facility. Over the years, she has held several positions including Volunteer Coordinator, Kennel Assistant, Animal Care Technician, Shelter Manager, and Animal Control Officer at shelters in the Midwest, Pacific Northwest, and East Coast. She has helped build volunteer programs and established training and enrichment protocols for the shelters she has worked at, and has served as a consultant for other shelters, rescues, and doggie daycare facilities. Prior to working in animal welfare, she spent over a decade teaching youth and adults with disabilities in public school, group home, vocational, and clinical settings. She was a certified public school teacher and holds a Masters degree in Special Education. Applied Behavior Analysis was a focus of her graduate and post-graduate studies and research.

Andrea has taught basic obedience, puppy kindergarten, agility, flyball, pet therapy, and canine good citizen (CGC) classes across the country. She is a CPDT-KA certified trainer and also a Canine Good Citizen evaluator through the American Kennel Club. In addition to classes, she has provided in-home consultations and private lessons for clients. She has worked with numerous shelters and rescues, evaluating animals and helping place them for adoption as well as supporting owners after adoption matches are made. Through her classes, consultations, and shelter work, she has worked with literally thousands of dogs and cats over the years, of all breeds and mixed heritage. Andrea is also a responder with the ASPCA and has worked on several large cruelty cases; she deploys as part of the Behavior Team, working with animals in the temporary housing/shelters after the animals are confiscated.

She has been a member of several obedience and dog sport clubs, and she and her dogs and actively participated in Obedience, Rally Obedience, Agility, Flyball, Disc Dog, Lure Coursing, and Tracking. She and her dogs have earned several titles in multiple dog sports. Andrea and her dog Rumble were also a pet therapy team registered with the Delta Society. Her dogs have participated in demonstrations at county fairs, college sporting events, prisons, schools and neighborhood centers, and were also featured weekly in a humane education program on Public Access TV. They have presented on topics such as dog bite prevention, pet adoption, basic pet training, managing multiple pet households, and shelter volunteering.

Andrea enjoys working with clients and helping improve the human-pet bond. Working with animals and teaching are her two passions that she has combined into lifelong work.



Sensational Ruff 'n' Rumble FM CGC TN-O Delta Society Pet Therapy Partner
True to his breed, “the foremost all purpose dog!” Rumble was not only my best friend for almost 14 years, but we lived and traveled all over the country together. He was an amazing “big brother” to countless foster puppies and dogs, as well as foster cats and kittens. Gentle with children, Rumble visited schools and neighborhood centers with me during our therapy work, and did countless presentations on safe interactions between dogs and kids. He competed in agility, flyball, disc dog, and lure coursing. Rumble also helped me in our efforts to speak out against breed discriminatory legislation, when we lived in Iowa and Washington. He was a classroom helper and demo dog for my obedience and dog sport classes for many years, and also a helper dog during behavior modification with client dogs who are fearful or reactive. Playful, drivey, super intelligent and with a strong work ethic, but also a quiet, gentle soul when not in ‘work mode. I didn’t know anything about dog sports until 13 years ago, when I was faced with this highly intelligent dog who needed more mental and physical stimulation than my other dogs – he led me into the world of sports and competition.
I will miss him all the rest of my days.


Brohez Breaker of Chains TKN
Maceo comes to us from Brohez Staffordshire Bull Terriers in Australia. This promising youngster is working on becoming a show champion in the conformation ring, and eventually getting ready to compete in agility. He loves playing agility, hiking in the woods, taking walks with our other dogs, and smooching his cat Viggo!
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