I am frequently contacted by people who want 1:1 help with their dogs.  We do offer private lessons for basic manners/obedience as well as behavior consultation/modification lessons.  How do you know whether to choose one or the other?  What is the difference between these two options?

Private Lessons for Obedience/Basic Manners is the best route for examples such as:

  • you don’t have time to commit to a group class
  • you need help with basic skill training: sharpening a recall, working on loose leash manners, dog doesn’t know stay, for example
  • any of the SKILLS we cover in puppy or basic class
  • puppy age 6 months and under – you need help getting started but are unable to take puppy class at this time
  • adult dog who just needs help with basic training (leash manners, sit, down, stay, coming when called)

Behavior Consultation/Modification is the best route for any of the following examples:

  • you need help with a specific behavior issue: resource guarding, fear, dog-dog aggression, nipping, anxiety, house soiling, reactivity, etc.
  • your dog has a behavior need that cannot be met in a group class because it requires an individualized plan of action
  • dog has specific behavior needs that are not ‘skill/manners’ but a behavior that needs modifying
  • dog has bitten person or dog
  • dog is too anxious or fearful for group class at this time
  • dog is too reactive (barks, lunges, etc.) towards people or dogs and is not yet able to participate in a group class

Basic Manners private lessons are $80/hour.  We will demonstrate and work with you and your dog on the skills.  A behavioral history/questionnaire is not necessary. No follow-up notes are provided.

Behavior Consultation prices vary based on whether ‘stand alone’ or part of a package. We offer these at the school, and in some cases, in the home for severe cases.  Behavior consultation is more in-depth, individualized, involves taking a history, and will include follow-up notes after each lesson. Please see our behavior services page for more in-depth information on this service: http://www.ourgangpetservices.com/our-services/behavior-consultation-modification/


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