Puppy Kindergarden is an important class of new puppies AND their owners.  The first few months of your puppy’s life are an important and impressionable time.  This is also a time for new puppy parents to not only bond with their puppies, but learn how to set their puppies up for success and on the path to being well-adjusted, friendly and social adult dogs.  Here’s what some of our students are saying about Puppy K class at Our Gang:

Kim says:

“We had heard from the vet that the socialization period for puppies begins to close around 16 weeks. I found this to be concerning and discussed with our vet possible courses in the Bergen County area. We picked Our Gang Pet Services due to your experience. We found that Puppy Kindergarten gave our puppy the opportunity to interact with other puppies in a safe, positive, and stimulating matter. We already see the benefits of these socialization classes as our dog has not reacted in a negative way towards any dog he has been introduced to unlike some of our neighborhood dogs. We have found that Puppy Kindergarten at Our Gang Pet Services has also provided us with the tools to begin obedience training to reduce stress on us, the owners, as well as our canine friend! I know we were amazed at how quickly our puppy began following commands when they were introduced properly! We are so happy we found you guys and I know the puppy can’t control his excitement every time he heads to Puppy Kindergarten to see his human and puppy friends!”


Mark says:

“Our Gang Pet Services is nothing short of amazing. I took my 3-month-old Pomsky (Pomeranian Husky) to teach him the basics of obedience and interaction quickly and efficiently. In “Puppy Kindergarten” my puppy learned the basics of obedience, socialization, and these sessions became training sessions for new owners like myself to learn how to handle basic puppy issues such as crate training, housebreaking, and biting.   I know I made the right choice in bringing my puppy to Our Gang when my puppy cried as we left the class to go home.”

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